This bundle contains one Vein windbreaker printed on Navy Independent brand breakers and one copy of the new Vein full length, 'errorzone', on CD.

Windbreakers are exclusive to preorders and will not be reprinted.

This is all that you were programmed to be afraid of. Boston, MA's own Vein have made their name since 2016 with constant touring and intense live shows. 'Errorzone' is produced and engineered by Will Putney of Graphic Nature Audio (Body Count, Harm's Way, Knocked Loose) and delivers 11 songs of dark, emotional & chaotic metallic hardcore.

2- Old Data In A Dead Machine
3- Rebirth Protocol
4- Broken Glass Complexion 
5- Anesthesia 
6- Demise Automation
7- Doomtech
8- Untitled 
9- End Eternal
10- Errorzone
11- Quitting Infinity