Apostasy is total desertion from everything. We all knew we had to leave the hype from the Body Works EP behind. The problem was we were so happy with the way the EP turned out that we knew our first full length couldn't be anything less. So, we decided to write in an environment that was outside of our comfort zone. We had no idea what we were aiming for or what sound we were going to create. We just wanted it to be great. We deserted all we knew and locked ourselves in a house on an Indian reservation in the mountains of Cherokee, NC. Secluded, we had no cellphone service, no internet or social media. It was literally us and our instruments. Everyday was music. We'd wake up, make coffee, breakfast and start writing. It was our own little world there - four walls and music. Outside was nothing. We successfully wrote seven songs before we realized we needed to reset. So we went home and took some time off. It wasn't long until we had over a dozen tracks. And every single one of them we absolutely loved.

Megosh: Apostasy LP Tracklisting

1 Checkerboards and Cigarettes
2 I Stole from the Dead
3 Carrying Fire ft. Garrett Rapp
4 Desperada
5 Waste of Me
6 Buffalo!
7 Jackson Pollock's Portrait of Kennedy
8 Okay, So this Song is About You
9 Ask Your Mother
10 These Go to Eleven
11 Monsters (Electric)
12 Ice Melts
13 Leg Warmers
14 War Drums

Outerloop Records 2017